The Art of Wedding Styling

Usually when Hong Kong couples look for wedding planners, most of them would first think of logistics coordination, on-the-day support; however, there is actually more than logistics in a wedding which you should pay attention to - Wedding Styling - the aesthetics presentation of your love story.

What is Wedding Styling?

This term might sound quite abstract and rather intangible, but when you come to think deeper, there are all kind of ‘stylists’ in this world. There is fashion stylist, who mixes and matches great and fitted outfit on celebs or even royalty, like the Duchess of Cambridge who has recently hired former fashion editor Virginia Chadwyck-Healy as her new stylist . There is interior stylist who helps you source and arrange furniture and everything pertaining to your home/ office to make it more beautiful.

Wedding Stylist shares a common nature with them - responsible for creating/ selecting the right content and building the right composition. It is a deliberate act of gathering the objects and contents and presenting them beautifully.


What Contents are important in a Wedding?

Every couple’s love story is UNIQUE and DIFFERENT. Every couple would have special tastes and preferences. The contents we look for in wedding styling would be - Color Palette, People, Objects, Emotions, Textures which are representative of the couples’ stories, and would then be presented in the frames of the photographer and cinematographer.

For example, look at the picture below.

Credits to    Audrey Paris Photo

Do you see, even without the couple’s faces, the contents in this image are soft, romantic, European-styled, and elegant? This framed photo also tells a story - the couple was engaged at the beautiful palace in Vienna where the bride held some fond schooling memories. Since the couple’s first trip to Europe was in Italy, they want to take their guests back to this all-time favorite country of theirs. The flowers, petals, colors of Dusty Pink, White, bits of Burgundy, Brown and Green convey the mood of softness, romance and elegance, which the couple loves and relates to Europe.

Elements are selected carefully to support a specific story and theme, to the extent that even the fabric, material, shape of a wedding gown matter. All these have to agree and complement other contents to create a cohesive story.

Wedding Styling speaks for YOU

Credits to    Paper Paper Co

Credits to Paper Paper Co

Just the cutlery and the background linen tell a story. It tells us the host is a minimalist and this event is rather casual and laid back with the soft loose weave fabric. It also delivers a modern mood with the neutral color tone and structured menu. Though it is just a snapshot of the dining table, there is A LOT to tell from this frame!


A lot of work and thoughts are put into Wedding Styling. There is a reason behind for the creation of unique images and memories. It exemplifies and contributes to your flair, and adds weight to your story. Hope this is a good read and please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you on your big day!