Photo-taking under the Parisian Bloom

Spring has dawned and the season for pre-wedding in Europe is coming soon. A lot of Asian couples would fly over to different European cities during summer for their pre-wedding shoot, for the amazing weather and long daylight.

Actually apart from summer, spring is also a wonderful season to visit Europe, especially to Paris, when the plants start to grow again and beautiful flowers begin to blossom. We’d like to talk to you about the rough timeline of the bloom and hopefully you will be able to have them in your beautiful pictures!


Though it is hard to pinpoint exactly when this beautiful Magnolia would be in full bloom, it usually starts to kick in at the beginning of March till mid April, depending on the weather conditions as it is getting more and more unstable. I myself was lucky enough to catch the flowers for my own prewedding shoot during Easter (first week of April in 2018) at le Jardin du Palais Royal. P.S. There were also daffodils at the bottom!

photo courtesy of Audrey Paris Photo

Cherry Blossom

After Magnolia is gone, we would be welcomed by the pretty Cherry Blossom during April (starting in the second week of April in 2018) - one of the most magical times in the year. Champs de Mars, Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame (or outside of Shakespeare & Co.) are definitely good places to check out! You can also venture out to some lesser known parks for quieter spots to shoot too should you have the time.

Photo Courtesy of Oliver Fly Photography


Moving on from the pink, we will get to see these trailing and purple pops during late spring. They bloom shortly after the cherry blossom season in Paris, and usually just last for a few weeks! They can appear starting late April and peak around early May. They are indeed very romantic and have added even more elegance to the cityscape. They could be found around the area of Notre Dame and in the streets of Montmartre.

Photo Courtesy of Oliver Fly Photography

Good Luck and Happy Hunting of these gorgeous blooms!

& Do not hesitate to let us know should you want to know more :)