Spending Sunrise with your Best Friend in New York

When we talk about hiring a photographer to do a photoshoot, we mostly think of engagement sessions, wedding day, maternity shoot, or family photo sessions. Well, we reckon there’s more to celebrate in life - friendship.

During your life time, there would be a girl friend who is always by your side. She understands you thoroughly and backs you up on every occasion. She does crazy things with you, she cries and laughs with you, she might even confides with you her secrets which nobody else in the world knows. She would send you flowers to cheer you up and she would go on couple activities with you when you accidentally signed up for one while you were single. She would go on a 10-hour flight to meet you just for a long weekend when the two of you live in opposite sides of the globe.

During my US trip in May, I took the opportunity to plan and style a shoot with my 閨蜜, my bestie, and my non-blood-bonded sister in Manhattan, where she resides now. The shoot was to celebrate the precious friendship and sisterhood we shared. The morning was well spent, having Alicia Swedenborg captured the sweet and intimate ambience and Jina Pak for the makeup and hair.

More pictures can be founded on our Portfolio page.

Hope you’ve enjoy the read and if you are interested in doing a BFF shoot for your and your bestie, speak to us and let us help you with it!