Wedding Planning vs Wedding Styling

When it comes to the term ‘Wedding Planner’, a lot of us think this person mainly manages the logistics coordination of the wedding, liaises with the vendors and creates the timeline.

Concept & Responsibilities

However, there is one element which is rather ambiguous but crucial if the bride and groom are looking for a coherent and picture perfect wedding. A good metaphor for ‘Wedding Stylist’ can be a designer, who turns creative ideas and brings them to life on the big day. The theme and ideas will be implemented and immersed throughout the wedding in different aspects; for instance, the wedding stationery, the floral decor, the bridal, bride squad’s outfit, the tableware or even the tablecloth fabric. A Wedding Stylist picks and recommends the vendors who suit the couple style most to execute the vision. Everything pertaining to aesthetics matches one another seamlessly to pull off the dream wedding!


A Wedding Stylist has a goal to reflect the uniqueness of the couple from the personal styles and distinct aesthetics, be it a glamorous banquet or a cozy elopement.

By styling, all the elements in the wedding share the same meaning, tell the same story and same feelings. It evokes the same mood which the couple wants to convey to the guests and children or even grandchildren in the years to come. ;)

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